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Unique series each with their own individual utilities
The Radix personalities we all know and love

The Radix Legends have predetermined traits to capture the characteristics of key members of the Radix Team & Community, along with tributes to some of the original Radix Projects.


All one-off designs which will be randomly minted and distributed.


All royalties from trading this series after the initial mint, and smart contracts are in place, will create a monthly random draw amongst Roidboiz Hodlers.* 

We’re all about action.

The Action Heroes Series have predetermined traits to portray classic action heroes from our favourite movies, tv shows and games.


All one-offs which will be randomly minted and distributed.


All royalties from trading this series after the initial mint, and smart contracts are in place, will create a monthly random draw amongst Roidboiz Hodlers.* 

5% of Roidboiz will have a unique Xidar-Collection trait.

These Roidboiz will give their hodlers access to exclusive deals from and other Xidar projects.

100 sneaky swindlerz are in our midst.

Once smart contracts are in place, these boiz can be traded as much as you like and somehow Pay No Royalties!


What’s going on here??

This one is for the Moonboiz…

There are only 100 of these boiz heading straight to the moon.


Once smart contracts are in place, minters and future buyers will receive Moonboiz badges for VIP access to new projects, and exclusive mystery airdrops related to Roidboiz, and The Gangs of Radix.

There will also be exclusive benefits from participating Alliances.


There is a catch…if you get one, the contract will lock it so you  can only sell for over 20x the Roidboiz Floor Price*



All Roidboiz artwork is hand sketched and digitally enhanced using Procreate and Photoshop. The Roidboiz have a sequence of 16 layers stitched together like a puzzle. All the traits are individually sketched out in high contrast and mapped across all interacting layers to ensure a show ready final product. Once the initial trait design works with the other layers, it is filled out and finalised. Naturally some layers we create and really like simply can't work with others, but there's no need to throw them out... To solve this the generative code has been set to avoid conflicting traits being matched together.


Hand over the cash. Your protection payments are due.





We see the path.

Prelaunch Sale

Enigma got ahead of himself and decided to release 10% of the Roidboiz supply to truly loyal Roidboiz with minimal project details. Initial project alliances were formed, and a partnership with Xidar to develop the Roidboiz smart contracts. And what is a prelaunch without a few giveaways along the way to show the Radix community some love.

Official Launch

The website goes live with details about the project. The first of the Roidboiz utilities are explained, and examples of what the minted Roidboiz may look like become available. Revenue staking begins for the monthly Hodler Staking Random Draws which are drawn on the last day of each month.


Roidboiz traits continue to be added to throughout the pre-minting period with input from Roidboiz Hodlers. The community will have an ongoing say on traits and one-off Limited Edition Roidboiz. Radix Ecosystem alliances will continue to be developed and be announced. As these evolve further Roidboiz utilities are expected to evolve, and more details about our Alliance benefits will be released. Testing of the smart contracts will begin when the Babylon Test Environment becomes available, so they are ready for rollout with Babylon.


It's show time. All the prep work has been done. Scrypto smart contracts will be finalised and the Roidboiz readied for minting. All of the official Roidboiz utilities will be initiated by the relevant smart contracts on minting.


10% of supply gone without major details? Amazing. Worth giving 10 lucky Roidboiz Hodlers each get a bonus Roidboiz.

25% Supply sold

The ball is rolling, let's reward 20 Hodlers with a ROIDZ Token.

50% Supply sold

Halfway there is worth celebrating! 7,500XRD* worth of Roidboiz & other Radix NFT's will find new homes with our Hodlers.

75% Supply sold

Can you smell the finish line? Limited Edition Merch will be created for 15 lucky Roidboiz Hodlers.

100% SOLD!!!!

We made it!!! 15,000XRD GIVEAWAY split between 5 Hodlers!! You deserve it!!!




A Radvocate that you may or may not have seen around on Radix social sphere who is always looking for ways to promote the innovation of Radix. Inspiration for the Roidboiz came while participating in the original DogeCube memebrawls.

A marketer by trade who has run national marketing departments ranging from startups to large corporates.. As you may also suspect, a bit of a graphic designer and a big tech enthusiast. And yes, pushing heavy weights around is enjoyed on a regular basis.



Together we are stronger.
Smart Contract Development Partner
Radix Panda
Radical Penguins




All the details you may still want to know.
WHY 9,936 Roidboiz?

The Roidboiz occupy the farthest shards of the Radix Shardspace which has 2^256 shards. When written out in full this becomes: 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,63 9,936.

Do the Roidboiz have a Mission?

The Roidboiz are here to create alliances and build community hype throughout the Radix Ecosystem.  The project was inspired by the DogeCube Memebrawls, and was created with the hope of promoting activity and collaboration across the Radix network.


And of course we’re here to control the Radix Metaverse!!


Reservations must be made using the Radix Wallet (Not an exchange) and can be made by depositing funds to the Roidboiz wallet:rdx1qspszq9gqydz8t4h2d0naaqckn3k8y4k2444n0mq8tfz3rrtxfkzl7g46r0ld

You will get the corresponding number of ROIDZ tokens sent to your wallet. Each ROIDZ represents a random Roidboiz NFT. (A MAXIMUM of 250 ROIDZ are allowed per hodler)


Artwork & Minting
The final Roidboiz artwork has now been released. Minting is currently scheduled once Babylon is live. We won’t be the first round of NFT’s minted. Working with Xidar and VikingLand, we will work towards a smooth transition to your real Roidboiz.


Trading & Royalties
Upon joining the VikingLand marketplace your ROIDZ token is now linked to a particular Roidboiz NFT number. All transfers must run through the marketplace, or risk being lost. The marketplace fee is 2.5%.

Once officially minted after Babylon, most Roidboiz will have a 10% trading royalty (including marketplace fees). The distribution of the royalty is dependent on which type of the Roidboiz you get. Varying between:

Charity | Random Hodler Rewards | Development Partners | Future Projects Fund | Founder

What are the art specifications, and what can I do with it?

Each of the Roidboiz is a 2048px x 2048px PNG file made up of at least 16 individual layers.

While you have possession of the NFT you have full commercial rights to do whatever you want with it. Let your imagination run wild. Roidboiz indefinitely retain the rights to use all Roidboiz NFT images for promotional use.

Why would I buy before I can mint?

Well a few reasons…

  • Hodlers will be eligible for random NFT airdrops at various milestones.
  • The Roidboiz $XRD price isn’t going to change, so you’re getting a sweet deal at the moment.
  • The scariest of thoughts…they’ll sell out
Why can't I pick my Roidboiz?

Due to the nature of our Limited Editions we would like everyone to have an equal chance to take advantage of these series. Then, the market can decide what is truly valued.

Are there Future Plans for the Roidboiz?

After our Roidboiz have all found homes, the real fun begins. The Gangs of Radix project will evolve, and the Roidboiz will continue to make their presence known across the Radix Metaverse.

What are all those *’s on the page?

1. The charity chosen will be discussed by the community. The funds will be stored in a Vault for said charity to claim. Roidboiz will contact the charity and ensure they are able to access the funds, however we will never take possession of these funds.


2. Action Heroes Random Draws: Begins accumulating from the first trade using smart contracts. Funds will be stored in a Vault to be automatically distributed each month. Roidboiz will never have access to, or take possession these funds.Random draw will be drawn on the last day of each month. The frequency and distribution model of rewards is subject to change to remain compliant with legislation as XRD fiat value increases.


3. All utilities mentioned are subject to being possible through our development partner, with Scrypto.


4. All revenue percentages mentioned are Net, post any applicable Tax.


5. On launch 200 Roidboiz have been reserved for Enigma to participate in the fun. 200 Roidboiz were reserved for marketing the project from inception. Less than 5% of total supply.  If sold out prior to use, the marketing allocation may be released back into the sales pool with feedback from hodlers.

I'm so lost, what the hell is Radix?

If you’re into NFT’s you’re probably already familiar with the likes of Ethereum or Solana. These are what are called DLTs (Distributed Ledger Systems)

Radix is the future of this technology. Visit to start diving down the rabbit hole.